how much does website design cost?

What factors effect website design cost

Every website design cost will be different. There are a million factors that affect design. In the section below you will find a description of each form topic. This information was developed with the end-user in mind. Our prices definitely fall on the low end when compared to most web developers. But don’t let that dissuade you. We can offer all the features of the large companies without the hidden fees and restrictions.

Domains & Hosting

Domain names are the “human readable” internet addresses of websites. They consist of a top level domain, the domain name and an optional sub-domain. Consider a domain name like a cell phone number. Simply go to google domains to check if your desired name is available. We do recommend, that if you are serious about creating a website that you select a hosting provider like InMotion prior to purchasing the domain from a random registrar. The privacy option with domain registration is highly recommended. This is an extra service of varying costs to hide your contact information in the “whois” database. Left alone all of your personal information will be available to every web designer in the world and the phone calls on a daily basis will drive you crazy. Trust me, I opted to save the $15  and I learned a valuable lesson the hard way.

Web Hosting, do your homework

A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the services needed for the website to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted (stored) on special computers called servers. When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address (domain) into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your website will be delivered to them through the browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.). Purchasing hosting service and the domain name from the same provider helps you to avoid redirecting your domain to new Domain Name Servers. This process can be handled by the new host and can sometimes take a few days to update. Not a big deal, but just another issue you can avoid if you decide on a hosting provider prior to purchasing you domain name. Of course, hour23design can handle all of this for you. Let us know your desired domain name, preferred host and we will set everything up for you. Or if you like, we can choose the host for you. We consider In Motion Hosting to offer the best customer service of most providers. Here is a link to help you compare hosting providers.

Domain & Hosting website design cost options

Visit our client area to register your domain today.

Check out our excellent hosting packages. Choose one that meets your needs. If you have questions, please contact us today.

SSL Certification

An SSL Certificate is not an actual certificate. It is a digital file that contains a special key. The key is tied to your organization’s details and it is granted by a Certificate Authority (CA) to allow secure transfer of data to and from the website.

How do you know if a site has an SSL Certificate?

The first way is to check the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in the address bar above the web page. Is the URL http or https or is their a small padlock before the URL? The presence of the “s” and/or padlock is an indication of a current SSL Certificate. You can also use this tool to find out the security level of a website.

If you would like to learn more about SSL Certificates, click here.

We recommend an SSL Certificate for all sites. They are required for online stores and eCommerce sites. The best, cheapest and easiest way to obtain an SSL is directly from your hosting provider. InMotion offers free domain validated SSL Certificates to customers. Others providers are trending in this direction so be sure to note this when comparing hosting companies.

Get an SSL directly through your hosting provider!

Purchasing your SSL Certificate directly from your hosting provider also eliminates the mundane task of installing the certificate yourself.. Trust me, it is the definition of mundane.

We would like to also recommend that after you secure a provider and domain that you purchase and install your certificate. By no means, do not authenticate the site to your Google Analytics account before you have the certificate installed. If you do, you will need to go back and reauthenticate your domain through Google to account for the “s” following “http”. Not a huge issue, but just another thirty minute ordeal..

At hour23design, we can provide this service as well. When we set up your site, the first thing we will do is setup your SSL Certificate with one of our our preferred Certificate Authority’s.

SSL Certificate website design cost options

Click this link to see our wide array of SSL options.

Have you realized that you’re able to instantly identify a business by looking at its logo, even if their name isn’t a part of the logo? Try this quiz on logomarks and chances are that you will be able to correctly identify 30 of the 36 logos. Your logo is the face of your company. It is the first impression about your company. A well-designed logo is a way to convey to potential customers that your business is professional, trustworthy and provides quality products and/or services. At hour23design, we offer three types of logos — logotypes, logomarks and a combination of both.

Logomark or Logotype?

A logomark refers to an image or symbol which represents a brand, and usually does not include the name of that company. (i.e. McDonalds arches, Nike swoosh, Apple’s apple) The logotype, also known as a “word mark”, is a brand name styled as a logo. (i.e. Coca Cola, Google, Burger King) If you’re interested in hour23design designing a logo for your brand, head over to our logo design page and submit a design brief to get started. Completed project will include the following file types:
  • SVG – True vector editable format, otherwise known as an “Illustrator” file. The benefit with SVG is that it can be opened with any vector graphics software, unlike .AI which can only be opened with Illustrator
  • EPS – Editable format, primarily used in video editing
  • PDF – Another editable format, just for good measure. It will open with vector graphic software like Illustrator and Inkscape
  • PNG – This is the best format to upload to the web, mobile apps, basically anything with a digital display. It has a transparent background, so it’ll lay nicely on top of any background you put it on
  • JPG – Similar to PNG, only it doesn’t support transparent backgrounds, so it will have a defined fill color. The benefit with JPEG images is that they somehow usually look better than PNG when uploaded to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter
Each file type will contain the following color variations in (1024 x 1024 resolution):
  • Full color on white background
  • White logo with primary color background
  • White logo with secondary color background
  • Black logo with white background
  • Full color, no background

Logo Design options

Simple custom logotype.

Complex custom logomark with or without logotype.

Hero Design

The term “hero image” was adopted from the print industry. It is the practice of large, page filling photographs common to magazines. The “hero image” is the first visual that the user sees when the visit your page. It is a place to feature important information, news about products or just awesome pictures.

Here a some good examples of well placed and designed hero images.

We can provide any type of hero design you can imagine. Still, animated, video, sliders…. If you can envision it, we can create it.

Our Hero website design cost options

Basic – photo hero background.

Simple Slider – Photo slider hero background.

Fully-featured animated – Completely customized animated and/or video background.


Pictures are the backbone of the modern day internet. Some of us still remember logging onto the internet using Netscape back in the mid ’90s. The awful sound of connecting via dial-up, the slow page load speeds and often times, a page that looked like this.

Today, you couldn’t even imagine a website with no pictures. As a matter of fact, if a website were served to you today as they were in the 1990’s, there is a 99% chance that you are not visiting the site for long.

Photos, logos, graphic designs, etc. will never replace the content you offer. They will, however help you tell your story and help you generate leads that will convert more sales. I can not stress the importance of photo heavy web design integrated seamlessly with your content. Here is a beautifully designed  website that is primarily photographs. Heck, I wanted to buy some clothes just showcasing this site.

On Location Photography

We can offer you an unlimited supply of pictures and graphic design for your website and/or brand. Whether its a photo gallery with your pictures, a photo gallery of your products or just some background images, we can help design you a beautiful website with a careful blend of content and design.

Photography options

  • Simple – basic one page gallery with pagination and lightbox.
  • Full Featured – Albums and tags, social sharing, watermarking, slideshows and full-screen, plus multiple add-ons to accomaodate eCommerce, Instagram, Pinterest.

*** Add-on software could increase costs depending on application requirements.

  • Basic – up to 5,000 images.
  • Professional – up to 10,000 images
  • Premium – up to 170,000 images

Each page that requires us to develop and/or discover stock imagery to compliment your design.

We have the capability to travel on-location for a custom photo shoot. If you need head shots, product images, virtual tours, or just landscaping. We have the ability to produce original images for your website.

Sitemap & 404

Sitemaps are a way for people to inform search engines (Google) about pages on their sites that are available to be crawled. A sitemap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site, thus making it easier for search engines to intelligently crawl the site. Using the sitemap protocol does not guarantee that web pages are included in search engines. It only provides hints for crawlers to do a better job of crawling your site.

A 404 page is an Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) standard error message response meaning “not found”. Although not a requirement, the 404 page helps websites to reduce lost users. If a user mistypes the url, they will be directed to your 404 page. These pages are typically a byproduct of someone deleting a web page and failing to properly redirect the old URL to a new location.

If designed properly, your 404 will have the same look and feel of your website. It will also provide links to return to the home page, shopping cart, etc.. Not having a 404 page, or having a poorly designed one, will most likely increase the bounce rate from your site. Users will not have a link back and they will feel as though they are no longer on your website.

Although neither the sitemap and 404 page are required. They do help users find your site and reduce the bounce rate once they get there.

Sitemap & 404 Page website design cost options

Sitemap compilation and link

404 Page Design

Both a 404 page and sitemap.


At hour23design we offer the ability to generate custom attorney drafted legal documents for your website. We currently offer five types of policies.
  • Privacy
  • Cookie w/pop-up banner
  • Refund
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms & Conditions

GDPR and what that means for you!

As of today the United States requires website operators to disclose their use of cookies to the consumers when collecting sensitive information.

They should provide users an option to opt out of the data collection practice followed by mentioning the procedure guiding users how to opt out.

At a minimum, if you collect any user data, you need to have a policy on cookies and user data. We make it simple to generate these documents during the web design process.

Legal Policy options

We offer each of the above policies individually or bundled in groups from two policies to all five.

Contact Form System

Why do I need a complex contact form system? Can’t I just post my email address or phone number for people to contact me? Yes, posting your contact info on your site is a way to communicate with your clients. But why not have specialized forms that organize the entries in one place? Here are some general reasons why you should opt in for a contact form system specifically design for you.
  1. Ease of use

    People will generally take the path of least resistance. Completing a contact form and clicking submit is more user-friendly than clicking an email link, waiting for your email system to load and then typing a subject and then message. Not to mention the fact that they have a 50% chance of their correspondence being routed to your junk mail. Contact forms make it simple and easy for a client to reach out to you regarding your services.
  2. Reduce Spam

    Publishing your email on your website, while easy, is a bad web design practice. There are “bots” that patrol the internet all the time harvesting published email addresses. Those harvested emails are then prime targets for spam emails and solicitations. Our forms allow you to easily integrate a reCaptcha into your forms.
  3. Organization

    Keep all of your entries organized in one place. Have a form providing estimates, a general contact form and a survey on your site? Wouldn’t it be easier to group the entries with the associated form? Yes, and our premium software allows you to do just that. You can also set up notifications to your email when an entry is received.
  4. Targeted Routing

    Let’s say someone has a billing question for your team. Using email, it may take a couple back and forth transactions to get to the point of the correspondence. With a contact form system, you can note different help topics and have those entries routed directly to the correct person or department.
  5. Grow your base

    You’ve seen it before. The small checkbox right before the submit button. It usually says something like this, “Subscribe to our newsletter”. A customizable form offers you the ability to grow you email list without lifting a finger.

Contact Form options

Fully customizable contact form system software. Develop any type of form imaginable.


It doesn’t matter what your service industry is, people need to know where you are located. Someone looking for a bushel of oranges isn’t going to be shopping at a store located in Canada. Conversely, someone shopping for a moose hunting tour isn’t going to be taking advice from someone located Hawaii. Your customers need to know where you are located. Even if you do not have a storefront, they need to know potential response times, shipping costs and customer service ability.

Simple, personalized, or complex maps?

We can offer you any conceivable type of map. A simple map display with one location. A personalized map display with location and specific details or even a map detailing various store locations. We have, and can develop any type of map you desire.

Mapping website design cost options

Simple map display with one location.

Personalized map display with location and specific details and design options.

Complex map with multiple store locations and customizable design options.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The topic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) could take up a whole website, and it does. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to this cause. Simply Google “SEO” and you will see that vast amounts of companies guaranteeing to rank your site in a search engine’s first page.

We believe in three main SEO factors, the SE3Os. I feel, and I am sure its debatable, that the following three factors affect Search Engines more than any other.

  • Original content.
  • Organic links.
  • Optimized keywords.

Original Content

First and foremost is producing original, fresh content. You need to produce something that people are interested in and you need to produce it originally. 

Honestly, who thinks any town, in any state, in any country needs another McDonalds or burger joint? None. 

Keeping your content original, fresh and targeted will maintain your page rank over time. Google has begun accessing “freshness” with their algorithm and I don’t look for it to change anytime soon.

Organic Links

Creating organic links goes hand in hand with original content. 

Linking to other peoples content, and thus having them link back to yours is a huge page ranking factor. If you write a blog on college football, with hundreds of inbound links to your site, chances are Google will flag your site for being the voice of college football. 

Optimized Keywords

The term “keyword” can be a little misleading. I prefer to call it “key phrase”, because that’s what it is.

A key phrase is what someone will type into google to find a product or service. I.e. (how much does website design cost?)

The secret to keyword selection and implementation is all in the research. What do you sell,  where do you sell it, what is your competition, what do they rank for. At hour23design, we put in the research and apply it to your site to get you to the top for your desired key phrase.

SEO continued

Once I restart my blog, I will be hitting on the subject of Search Engine Optimization regularly. Please check my blog often.

Entire site optimization. Includes personalized keyword research, alt text, robots.txt and Google search console linking.

Search Engine Optimized copyrighting per page.

Website Tracking

Web tracking is the activity  of a website (using special software tools) to keep tabs on website visitors. We can help integrate the tools to help you analyze your traffic, generate leads and better target you advertising campaigns.

  • Understand your site and app users to better evaluate the performance of your marketing, content, products, and more.
  • Access Google’s unique insights and machine learning capabilities to help get the most out of your data.
  • Connect Analytics with Display & Video 360, Google Ads, AdSense, AdMob, and Ad Manager.
  • Analyze data quickly and encourage collaboration with an easy-to-use interface and shareable reports.
  • Confirm that Google can find and crawl your site.
  • View Google Search traffic data for your site: how often your site appears in Google Search, which search queries show your site, how often searchers click through for those queries, and more.
  • Receive alerts when Google encounters indexing, spam, or other issues on your site.
  • Show you which sites link to your website.

Website Tracking options

Setup Google Analytics and connect to your dashboard

Setup Search Console and connect to your dashboard

Setup Both

Marketing Tools

Get your service online and start receiving reviews. Two of the most trusted online review sites, Google and Yelp, help to promote your business.

An internet based service for business owners to help manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps.

  • Manage you information as it is displayed in Google search and maps.
  • Connect with you customers. Read and respond to online customer reviews.
  • Understand what you customers are searching for and their demographics.

Another tool in your arsenal to manage your online presence and connect with your customers.

Similar to Google My Business, Yelp helps you manage your online presence and interact with your customers. Just another tool available to collect reviews and grow your business.

Website Marketing options

Set up Google My Business

Set up Yelp My Business

Set up both Google and Yelp my businesses

Event Management

Quickly and easily create your events, accept bookings and manage attendees on your website. With our event management software, the following features are available to you.


  • Create one-time or regular occurring events.
  • Create and manage registrations. Pre-approve registrants from your dashboard.
  • Get your events ranked on Google with editable permalinks.


  • Create multiple ticket types with various conditions attached. Min/max tickets. Start/end sales dates.
  • Automated response emails. Let your users know that their booking was successful.
  • Paypal payment gateways.


  • Integrated with Google maps.
  • Filter events by location.
  • Quickly display locations in side bar, on banner or pop-ups.


  • Integrate with Google Calendar or any other organization tool (i.e. Outlook).
  • Light and flexible. Easily edit your calendar without leaving your dashboard.


We use the Events Manager Pro plugin. Click here to learn more about this powerful event management tool.

Event Management website design cost options

Simple Calendar integration

Professional Event Management System

Professional Event system plus Forum setup with or without Membership Directory

Forums & Membership Directory

We have a couple different options when it comes to forums and membership sites. Each can be integrated separately or they can be paired together to create an unstoppable membership site with support forums.. You could build your own mini Facebook.

Benefits of Forums

  • Generate valuable content
  • Community building
  • Interact with your friends and peers
  • Develop solutions to common issues through your discussions
Forums are an excellent tool to build an online community with different people that have the same interests. They allow users to interact, moderators to post important messages and friends to keep in touch.

Benefits of an online Membership Directory

  • Increase your organizations online presence
  • Strengthen your reputation
  • Reduce cost by printing less
  • Make it easier for your members to connect
  • Keep your membership informed and up to date


If you have a membership organization and a website, you need to have a membership directory. Our membership directory software has the following additional features.

  • Member profiles
  • Editable user account settings
  • Friends connections
  • Private messaging
  • Activity streams
  • Notifications
  • User Groups


Whether its a simple forum or a complex membership site or both. We can make your goal a reality.

Forum & Membership website design cost options

Forums/Discussion setup

Complete Membership Directory

Integrate both options together

Online Storefront (eCommerce)

At hour23design, we can create you a simple PayPal payment structure, an estimating and invoicing system or online storefront filled with all of the bells and whistles. It doesn’t matter if you are selling physical products or downloadable content, our software can integrate one or both. 

Our stores can be as large as you want or as simple as you need. We can setup a simple Paypal donation button, Paypal cart, estimating/invoicing system with basic payment methods or an estimating/invoicing system with advanced payment options. It doesn’t matter if you sell products or services, we can go as small as you need or as big as you want.

WooCommerce is an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs worldwide. Go beyond the confines of traditional eCommerce solutions, and be limited only by your own imagination.

Yeah, that line is straight from the WooCommerce web page. The bottom line is this, WooCommerce is the #1 downloaded eCommerce plugin on WordPress. The features and customizations are endless. You aren’t selling on WordPress without WooCommerce.

WooCommerce comes with so many features that it would be hard to fit into this snippet. Here are a few of the main features of this super popular plugin.

  • Built-in payment processing
  • Geo location support
  • Customer accounts
  • Inventory management
  • Integrate coupons
  • 24/7 plugin support
  • Over 400 extensions

I could go on, and on about the features and customizability of WooCommerce, but I think you get the picture. 

eCommerce website design cost options

Paypal donation form

Paypal shopping cart

Estimating and invoicing system

Estimating and invoicing system with advanced payment options (i.e. Stripe, Braintree)

Complete storefront

Advanced storefront options include,

  • Advanced storefront
  • Premium bundle
  • Booking bundle
  • Marketing bundle
  • Pack & Ship bundle

Online Teaching (Virtual Classes)

We can integrate a learning management system into your website. Easily create and re-use multi-layer courses. Break up courses into lectures, topics, quizzes and categories. Here are some of the other features with our integrated Learning Management System.

  • Advanced quiz types, custom messages, question banks, quiz timers and more
  • Content dripping. Drip feed your conent based on schedule
  • Lesson timers
  • Flexible course scheduling. Determine which lessons need to be taken in which order
  • Dynamic forums for your users to connect
  • Grade book
    • Automatically syncs with quizzes and assignments
    • Manual grade submission
    • Curved grades
    • Report cards
  • Certificates and Badges
  • Monetize your content
    • One time purchase, subscription and shopping carts
  • Supported by WooCommerce, Paypal and more
  • Offer memberships and course bundles
  • Easily managed back-end interface


The learning management software we prefer is LearnDash. It offers all of the options above and a lot more. Check out the plugin home page here.

LMS website design cost options

Our price includes setup, training and one year service subscription

Live Chat

Live chat is an excellent feature if you have a storefront, provide a 24/7 service or just want to be available to your cliental around the clock.

We prefer to use LiveChat software as our chat plugin of choice. It has all the features necessary for a small business right up to a Fortune 500 company. And the price point excellent for any application.

With LiveChat, you have the ability to,

  • Identify visitors to you website.
  • Offer customer support in real-time.
  • Increase revenue by reducing shopping cart abandonment.
  • Improve your overall customer satisfaction.
  • Provide 24/7 support.
  • Keep track of customer service efficacy.


LiveChat offers four different pricing plans ranging from $16/month to $149/month billed annually. Each price point comes with an increase in feature set. Check out LiveChat’s pricing plan here and find the solution that best suites your needs.

Live Chat website design cost options

Initial cost is for setup and one year subscription to LiveChat’s starter plan. Any plan above the starter will be an additional cost

Security & Backups

Reasons why you need site security and backups?

  • Site could be hacked and inserted with malware and/or infectious code
  • Incompatible plugins that are installed could break the site
  • Server hardware failure
  • You may accidentally remove core file

Keep your website safe!

We can set you up with a web security and backup system. This will keep your website backed up on a daily basis and also monitor for suspicious code and vulnerabilities. We prefer to use VaultPress but can set you up with any system of your choosing. They  currently offer three plans: Basic, Premium and Professional. We would recommend the Premium plan, which is what we have as it offers the most comprehensive backup, security and support for the price. Integrating the Vaultpress powered by JetPack also gives you advanced features like,
  • Automatic Google Analytics integration.
  • Scheduled social media posting.
  • Use of JetPack’s CDN (Content Delivery Network) for unlimited static page hosting.

Security & Backups options

Initial cost is for setup and one year subscription only. Ongoing costs range from $3.50/month

Cache System

Page caching is one of many methods that are used to speed up your website. 

Imagine page caching and your website as an Italian restaurant menu. Each day when a customer visits, you would greet them with your menu. You would escort them to their seats, get them a glass of water, mention the soup of the day, the specials and then move on. Pretty simple process.

Now imagine your restaurant (website) without page caching.

The customer enters, you don’t have a standard menu so you scramble around to place all of the individual menu items together on a piece of paper. You finally get them seated, only to realize you need to go back and find out the specials and/or soup of the day. Not very simple, right?

In a roundabout way, this is a real life example of page caching.

If you have a page caching system installed. Your website will deliver static pages (standard menu) instead of trying to process all of the javascript functions and database calls each time a user visits. Similar to the waiter having a menu versus having to piece everything together each time a user visits.

In a nutshell, page caching is crucial to website speed and fortunately hour23design has got you covered. Not only can we install page caching software, but we utilize SiteGround’s complimentary Cloudflare CDN’s network of global data centers that cache static content closer to users. Thus increasing speed by more than 80%.

Page Caching website design cost options

Professional cache system

***By choosing hour23design as your hosting provider you have access to their complimentary Cloudflare CDN.


Redirects are exactly what you would think. They are web server functions developed to “redirect” traffic from one URL to another.

Reasons why you would need a redirect:

  • When deleting a page or post.
  • Moving your site to a new domain.
  • Dropping the use of “www” in your domain name.
  • Enabling permalinks in you WordPress settings.
  • Merging websites.
  • Changing your Content Management System.
  • Altering your URL structure.


There are three common redirects that you probably have run into. They are:

301 Permanent Redirect

Useful when you delete or permanently move a page. This code tells search engines that your page is not available and should no longer be indexed. This should only be used when you know that you will not use this URL again in the future.

302 Found

This redirect is rarely useful and should only be used if you want to temporarily redirect a URL to a different source and you are sure that you will use the same URL again.

307 Temporary Redirect

This redirect replaced the 302 with the advent of HTTP 1.1. Unlike a 302, the 307 code explicitly states that the URL has been moved temporarily and will be returned. Similar to the 302 only use this if you want to temporarily redirect a URL to a different source and you are sure that you will use the same URL again.

Okay, that’s enough “tech speak”.

Look, if you plan to delete pages, change hosts or even alter your URL by adding the “s” to http, you need to make sure to handle you redirects properly. Failure to do so will discourage web crawlers at best and cause users to vacate your site at worst. Fortunately for you, we can handle this automatically. This service is included with the search engine optimization package. However, if you decide not to add-on the SEO package, we can install redirection software through a separate framework.

Redirection options

Site redirection software installed and setup

***Redirection service included with sitewide Search Engine Optimization.