Writing a Blog Post with Elementor

hour23 north myrtle beach website design writing a blog post

Writing a Blog with Elementor Okay, so you’ve set up your website. You built your blog archive page with Elementor. You designed you template. Now you want to start blogging posting and sharing.. So how do you do it? What are best practices.. Read on and we will guide you through the process. Getting Started […]

Mobile Responsive & SEO

hour23 north myrtle beach website design mobile seo

Mobile Responsive Web Design Responsive web design is a setup where the server always sends the same HTML code to all devices and CSS is used to alter the rendering of the page on the device.┬áBeing mobile responsive is paramount in today’s mobile first society. Mobile Responsive vs Mobile Friendly Don’t let mobile friendly get […]

Local SEO

hour23 north myrtle beach website design local seo

Local SEO Defined by Wikipedia as the process of affecting the ability of a website in a search engine results page (SERP) in an unpaid, or organic results. It is the exactly the same premise as National SEO, but on a local level. Local SEO is more than just optimization of your pages for SERP rankings. Their […]

Google Analytics & SEO

Managing your SEO Integrating your website with external applications is paramount to page ranking. The most effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods are to increase backlinks, keep your site safe, user experience and tracking your traffic. There are literally millions of tools available for the options above. Let’s dive into a couple ways to integrate […]

SEO and On-site Navigation

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How does navigation affect SEO? Navigating in a car in 1980 is certainly different than 2019.  In the eighties, or nineties, you needed a paper map. Back then, you needed advice from people on the street. “Hey, which road do I take to I-95?”.  Today most people wouldn’t think to ask a “stranger” how to […]

Website Design Launch – A1 Signs

hour23 north myrtle beach website design website launch

Welcome A1 Signs We have been away from the blog for a few months. Some quality time spent in the lab working on two website design projects. One of those, A1 Signs, recently launched. We are now in the one-year free portion of the contract. We will be managing updates, backups, security and social for […]

Onsite Search Engine Optimization cont.

hour23 north myrtle beach website design more seo

Lets Recap SEO So far, we have discussed a couple factors that effect SEO. Page load speeds and page structure. While important, these factors will never trump page content. Website content will always be the number one factor with SEO. The next section in the SEO series is going to take you through the remaining […]

Search Engine Optimization – Content is King

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Search Engine Optimization – Content will always be King Google constantly updates its algorithm. The end goal is the take a user’s search query and provide them exactly what they want. If you are providing fresh content that people want, your search engine optimization will take care of itself. All of the ancillary items I […]

Search Engine Optimization – 2

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Search Engine Optimization – 2 In the last post we discussed page load speed in regards to Search Engine Optimization. Now I want to explore the website structure aspect of SEO. While page load speed will get you there faster, technical structure will make navigation easier. When I say easier to navigate, I mean easier […]

Search Engine Optimization

hour23 north myrtle beach website design search engine optimization

SEO Checklist – Part 1 Search Engine Optimization is the hottest topic in the web design, web development and web marketing industries. Every developer from San Francisco to New York City is guaranteeing that they will get you ranked on Google’s first page.  Top Ten in Google Search? Everyone will claim that they can rank […]