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Crazy Legs - Week Eleven Recap

In what can only be described as the worst week in Crazy Legs history, TWelker has won the weekly pool with a sub .500 record. This is the first time that the weekly winner –full slates only– failed to reach 13 correct picks.. And, I think the worst part is that all 40 of us sucked this bad, collectively..

Officially, TWelker and 573Prez tied for the week. They each had 12 correct and a tiebreaker differential of 7.0. So, we had to go back to last week’s record for the tiebreak. In week 10 Twelk had 18 correct vs. Prez’s 16, therefore crowning Twelker as the week 11 winner. Congrats Mr. Welker on the fair week?

When you have a weekly winner with 12 wins, that can only mean one thing…. That the Beno of the week performed exceptionally bad.. And that was exactly the case with Mr. Chad Lee.. Mr. Lee picked 5 correct games out of 25 this week.. Yes, you read that correctly — 5! He did so poorly that I can list the games he correctly selected,

  • Baylor over TCU
  • Wisconsin over Iowa
  • Baltimore over Cincinnati
  • Tampa Bay over Arizona
  • Green Bay over Carolina
That’s it! Chad I am sorry about your week, but you’ve already won 75% of your entry fee back.. And its not like anyone else in the pool did much better.. Keep you head up, you can’t lose them all.. But for this week, you are our Beno!!

37 people selected Penn State to beat Minnesota.. Every person in this pool except for one.. Woodcraft, with his superior insight selected the Gophers to beat the Nittany Lions at home.. Now I’m not sure if you had inside info, or you just dislike Penn State but I have my eye on your sir! When we go down, we go down as one.. No running astray from the pack.. Just messing around Woody, great pick and I am just hoping you select Penn State in two weeks..

Ok folks, games are up!!! In by NOON Saturday..

Crazy Legs - Week Ten Recap

It is amazing what one or two weeks can do to the season standings.. At the conclusion of week 7, we were discussing a runaway champion ala Adam Beres in Crazy Legs V.. Now, we have 15 people with a legitimate chance to win the crown.. One of those, ChadLee had an impressive week 10 outing to reinsert himself into the championship conversation..

Chad Lee took week 10 down to the wire, but ultimately prevailed with 19 correct picks. Mr. Lee held off CS and T Welker to earn his first win of the year.. Congrats Mr. Lee on your win and good luck with the season.. You are my dark-horse to win it this year.. I know, that isn’t a surprise..

And of course, as much as this pains me to type.. The Beno of the Week..

This week, there were no ties for the Beno. We had an outright Beno winner… With 10 correct games, this week’s Beno is JPLEVONICK.. Yes, I am serious.. JP earned his first Beno award this season.. The Beno win also removed him from the top of the leaderboard down to the middle of the pack. JP is now tied for 9th place and sites 6 games back of the lead.. Congrats JP on the achievement this week and hopefully you can right this ship and not fall into the oblivion..


Crazy Legs - Week Nine Recap

Oh, JP… I swear you can’t make this stuff up.. You have been a dedicated Crazy Legs veteran since the beginning.. You’ve paid your dues and if anyone is deserving of a big win it is you.. But the cards just weren’t in it for you on the first half.. 

Yes, it happened again.. What seemed to be an insurmountable lead heading into week 8 slowly diminished and ultimately disappeared.. JP and TurfDawgs eventually tied for the first half prize, but Crazy Legs rules state that the halfway and final winners are determined by previous weeks records.. Well, the previous week was week nine and JP found himself in a 5-way tie for Beno, so….. Congratulations TurfDawgs on the first half championship.. And, JP you still have a shot at the “Big One”, so don’t lose hope yet…

And of course, this week’s winner was none other than Moose Perry.. In typical Moose fashion, Beno last week, winner this week.. It never fails. Moose correctly guessed an impressive 20 games this week to earn the prize.. He tied with three others, but his 1 point differential sealed the victory.. Congrats Moose, and we will see you on the Beno side next week.

I’ll have to admit I was sweating it.. Especially after the college games.. Nobody likes to be Beno and get called out.. And most certainly, you dont want to be Beno and have to call yourself out.. Fortunately, the total score last night saved me the embarrassment.. But i didnt save Jayhawk G….. G found himself in a 5-way tie for Beno only to emerge from the pack as the worst of week 9.. He selected 15 correct games and missed the TB by 7 points.. So, congrats Jayhawk and thank you for being just a little worse than me this week..

Games are up…. Noon Saturday is the deadline.. Good luck!! 

Crazy Legs - Week Eight Recap

We are one week away from the halfway point in the season. What appeared to be a landslide first half victory for JP has now become a battle between him and TurfDawgs.. JP holds the slight advantage with a two game lead over Dawgs.. But lets not count out the next four, who only trail the lead by four games.. This week should be a test to see if JP can handle the pressure.. Good Luck to every one on top the leaderboard this week.

The perfect victory, or the worst timing.. Its the middle of the season, you are in the bottom half of the standings with a decision to make. To you begin the process of tanking? Do you switch up your methods and try to climb back in? Or do you just try to win a week and some respect for the year.. While we aren’t sure of the reasoning, you might say that a week 8 victory is the sweetest.. You earn your money back, get a spike in rankings and carry momentum for a second half push. And that’s precisely what CScottNation accomplished.. 

CScott wrapped it up Sunday night and cruised into the week with a little skip in his step.. CScott’s 20 was enough to CodGod and 573Prez to earn his first win of the year.. Congrats CScott on your firts win and let’s hoope you can build some momentum….

A ‘Moose’ Perry’s life motto is to live and die by the three.. Even in Fantasy Football he is up one week and down the next.. He can put up 200 pts in week 4 only to follow it up with a 76 the next week.. And in the end his record will be 7-7 and he will be the 3rd or 4th pick in draft.. And Crazy Legs is no difference.. One week he’s on top of the world, and the next….. Well he’s the Beno.. Yes, Moose you have earned your first Beno of the Week award.. Your stunning 13 out of 25 tied the previous Beno, Wolfie.. However, you were just bad enough to win sole possession of the greatest award in sports.. The Beno of the Week.. Congrats Moose on the achievement and if the pattern continues, I will be congratulating you on the victory next week..

Ok folks, games are up.. Picks in by NOON Saturday.. Good Luck

Crazy Legs - Week Seven Recap

Only two weeks left in the first half and it looks like JP is going to runaway with the first half crown.. Mr. Levonick currently has a four game lead on GGrainger and TurfDawgs.. Lets see if he can close it out..

Although he is having a great season, his favorite team sure took one on the chin Saturday.. The Dawgs in TurfDawgs is for his beloved Georgia Bulldogs who were beaten, in Athens, by the South Carolina Gamecocks.. Yes a loss at home to an unranked opponent.. Had that happened to a Big Ten team, they would be banned from the playoff for 10 years, but I am sure Georgia will be back in the conversation at the end of the season..

This week we saw a bit of a resurgence in Crazy Legs.. Poolman rose from the ashes to capture his first victory of the season.. The Pool Man had it wrapped up Sunday night and cruised to a two game victory in week 7.. Congrats PoolMan on your first victory of the season.. It was almost as stunning as South Carolina’s.. As a matter of fact, the Gamecock’s have beaten more ranked opponents this season than the Clemson Tigers..

And our beloved Beno this week is Wolfie16.. The wolf just couldn’t muster one more victory to push GSPonseller to the basement so she has earned the right to be called the Beno for one week.. Congrats Wolfie on your achievement!!!

Ok folks, games are up.. In by NOON Saturday.. Good Luck

Crazy Legs - Week Six Recap

Could this be the year? Could JP Levonick finally break the curse and win the Crazy Legs championship? All signs are pointing to yes!

JP Levonick took it to the wire this week with “Moose” Perry, but prevailed in the end by one point. JP’s 18 correct picks and narrow tiebreaker earned him his second weekly win of the season.. JP, you are officially in the black for this season..

This may not be the end of JP’s reign in Crazy Legs XV. He has now opened up a six game lead on second place. But would it be a coincidence to Crazy Legs IV that Grayson Grainger is in second place.. Yes, GG won Crazy Legs 4 as a result of the epic collapse of JP; and now that scenario is perhaps replaying itself before our eyes.. Can JP outlast the competition for another 12 weeks? Or,

Sometimes the Beno of the week is just perfect.. The content writes itself.. This week is a prime example..

This week’s Beno is none other than our good friend Go Hawks Go..  A former champion that has simply fallen by the wayside.. Go Hawks correctly selected 11 games out of the 25 game slate.. And that’s not the worst of what is to come this week..

Penn State travels to the land of endless cornfields to play the Hawkeyes from Iowa this weekend.. So, not only does Mr. Stepehens get to wear the Beno of the Week crown, but he will still be the BOTW when his Hawkeyes get beaten for the sixth straight time.. Yes, Iowa hasn’t beaten Penn State since 2010.. Wow, that’s before my 7 year old son was born.. And, he may be in college before the Hawkeyes beat the Nittany Lions again..

Ok folks, games are up.. In by NOON on Saturday!!! Good luck Iowa..

Crazy Legs - Week Five Recap

Another week, another finish down to the wire.. This one hit home a little.. The Wife and A”Moose”Perry finished the week tied for first and it came down to the Monday night game to settle it.. Unfortunately for us, the Steelers & Bengals are both terrible and could only muster 30 point between them.. This lackluster display of offense gave Moose the victory by five points.. Congratulations on the win Perry…. And I am pretty sure you owe me $50 from something, somewhere in the past… 

Not much has changed on the leaderboard as of week five’s conclusion.. We still have a veteran heavy presence with JP Levonick extended his lead to three games of MSchrader..  The top ten still includes four former champions and it doesn’t appear the pressure will let up for JP to maintain.. Good luck JP on staying in the #1 slot.. 

Last year’s Beno has finally made an appearance in this year’s contest.. Yes, Caleb 2022 correctly selected 11 out of 25 games and fell nine points shy of the tiebreaker to earn his first weekly Beno award.. Congrats Caleb on returning to your comfort zone.. I am starting to wonder if the 2022 attached to his name is his personal prediction to win it all.. Maybe Caleb has some grand scheme cooked up to win the Beno of the Year 4 years straight and ride off into the sunset in year five with a championship.. Only time will tell, but it would seem easier just to win in year one.. Regardless, congrats again Caleb..

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Games are up.. Penn State is back on the slate with a tough contest against Purdue.. Get your picks in by NOON on Saturday, good luck..

Crazy Legs - Week Four Recap

In the closest finish of the season to date, CodGodwin barely edges Adam “Moose” Perry by one point on the Monday Night tiebreaker total.. This may have been the closest overall week in Crazy Legs history.. Eight people tied for the lead with 18 and all but one were separated by double digit points.. So, congrats to you Mr. Godwin on the great week. And good luck trying to place ahead of Mrs. Godwin this season.. It would be the first time since Crazy Legs XI, or 2015..

I do want to mention one rule as we progress through the season.. The auto-pick is available to use three times during the season. This allows you to miss a deadline or forget to pick without sacrificing your season. You can not win a weekly prize by auto-picking, however it is a tool for people that may have things occur during the season. Some, people — DaveO (TurfDawgs) — seem to be relying solely on auto-pick this year. The Dawgs have autopicked two of the four weeks.. You have one left before the zeroes start accumulating Mr. Blasingame.. Let’s get it together…

The biggest sigh of relief during the Crazy Leg’s season is when your name is removed from the Beno of the Week award. The Wife can finally put that misery behind her and proceed with winning her customary 2-3 weekly prizes.. This because we have a new owner of the Beno throne..

Based on his, or her username.. Mr(s) seems to be a (wo)man of mystery.. Who is behind the initials? Do we have a celebrity in our midst? We may never know who the real character is behind the initials, but we do know that we can call him/her the Beno for at least one week.. A.T. correctly picked 13 games out of 25 this week to earn their first Beno of the year award.. So, to whomever is hiding behind those letters…. Congratulations on earning yourself a full name for week 4…

Ok folks, games are up.. Picks in by NOON Saturday… No PSU on the sheet this week b/c they play on Friday night.. Yes, Friday. What’s next, Tuesday night following Fuller House.. Ugh.. I dislike regular season college football on any other day but Saturday, but I digress… 


Crazy Legs - Week Three Recap

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 I know its early and alot can happen, but the leaderboard is currently stacked. We have four former champions in the top ten. We have perennial runner-up TurfDawgs in fourth place and 3X champ 573Prez lurking at #13.  This is shaping up to be another great season of Crazy Legs… Of course, we all know who I like as my sleeper for the Championship this year, but I will spare him the jinx.. 

And of course our Beno.. 

It is with great sorrow that I announce this week’s Beno award.. The Wife took every contest into careful consideration.. And her careful selections yielded 11 correct out of 25.. This will be the Wife’s first, and hopefully last, Weekly Beno Award.. Congrats The Wife on a fantastic week..

Ok folks, games are up… In by NOON on Saturday.. Good Luck!!


Crazy Legs - Week Two Recap

Week two certainly had more intrigue than the first week of the season.  We needed both games and the tiebreaker Monday night to crown our weekly champion.. JPLevonick captured his annual weekly win early this year. He edged out Grayson by 6 points on the tiebreaker to earn his money back, well most of it.. That’s the thing about JP, he is Mr. Even Steven. He won’t get Beno, he won’t win the championship, but he will not lose money.. Although, he was pretty close to the championship in Crazy Legs IV until……

Now onto what everyone is waiting for.. Yep, the prize pool for this season. Crazy Legs membership is down a little this year.. Which is always a disappointment, but nonetheless, here are the prizes..

  • Champion – $500
  • Second Place – $175
  • Third Place – $100


  • First Half – $100
  • Second Half – $100


  • Weekly – $50


Bowl Games are kind of fluid and will be determined by additional entries, but as of now,

  • First – $145
  • Second – $45


Oh, and of course the Beno of the Year gets a free entry into Crazy Legs XVI… But the catch is that you can not have a zero during any week.

Don’t worry I didn’t forget you Mrs. Godwin.. I just needed s segue into the subject… Our week 2 Beno CSGODWIN herself. CS correctly picked 14 out of 25 games to earn her first Beno of the 2019 season.. It’s a known fact that Mrs. always bests Mister in the Godwin house.. However, the slow start by CS may just be enough for Mister to finally prevail and this could finally be the year that Mister beats Mrs. in the end of the year standings..

Congratulations on your Beno Award and good luck the rest of the way..

Ok folks, games are up.. In by NOON on Saturday.. Good Luck

Crazy Legs - Week One Recap

Straight out of the gate in Crazy Legs XIV and Wolfie16 is of to a fast start. Mrs. Neylon smoked the competition and had everything wrapped up before Sunday morning. Not only did she win the week, but the made a statement in the Neylon household…

Note to the unpaids…

Your picks have been frozen. You will not be eligible in week two until payment has been received. If your check has been mailed, let me know.. Because of the hurricane, I can forgive the “Its in the mail” excuse..

The Beno

Seriously, I mean seriously.. He couldn’t wait until week 4 or 5 to capture his first Beno award? 

This is beginning to get out of control Showboatin… Are you even trying? Serious consideration may be giving after this year to rename the award to the “Showboat of the Week”.. 

Yes folks, it happened again. For the thirtieth time in five years, Mr. Showboat has earned the coveted Beno of the Week award. The Boat picked 15 correct games in the easiest week of the year.. Congratulations Mr. Boat on you achievement.. We all know how the rest of the season goes.. You will win Benosix times, win two weeks for $100 and finish just out of Beno of the year contention.. I hope this is all worth the $40 income every year..

Ok ladies and gentlemen, games are up.. Get your picks in by 11AM on Saturday.. Yes I am sorry, but 11AM is on the sheet.. Good Luck!!

Crazy Legs - Preseason Announcement

I wanted to try a different approach to this year’s weekly updates. I wanted to be able to embed content, gifs, videos, etc.. that were too cumbersome to send in an email. And I certainly wasn’t going to purchase a new domain and hosting for the updates, so I just created a separate page on my website for the updates.. So I guess, disregard the header info.. Well, unless you are interested in a website or hosting….

I can’t believe Crazy Legs is entering its fifteenth season. It started with just a few people in Pennsylvania in 2005. Now we have nearly fifty people  that span over six states..

Here is the list of Past Champions:

There you have it.. Each one of these people have pushed through the grind that is Crazy Legs and emerged victorious.. Some a couple times…

As we move into Crazy Legs XV, I wanted to make some notes for any rookies or people with poor memories..

  • Payment is $60. It is dues prior to week 2. If payment hasn’t been received, your picks will be frozen.
  • Payment can be made by check, cash or the preferred method — PayPal.. The email associated with Paypal is
  • I will release the payout structure in the week 2 recap. Weekly prizes are $50.
  • Read the rules from the pool website. They can be found here.


If you have additional questions about the pool, don’t hesitate to email me. 

That is really all I have for the kickoff. Do not forget this is week one. The picks need to be in by NOON THIS SATURDAY!!!!

Good luck to everyone this year!!