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Crazy Legs - Week Three Recap

Another photo finish to complete week 3 of Crazy Legs XV.. M.Schrader narrowly escaped with the victory over NoPryorKnowledge.. Only 2.4 points separated the Crazy Legs veterans from the week’s crown.. But ultimately Matt ‘Ricky’ Schrader prevailed.. Congrats on your win and fabulous career, Ricky..

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 I know its early and alot can happen, but the leaderboard is currently stacked. We have four former champions in the top ten. We have perennial runner-up TurfDawgs in fourth place and 3X champ 573Prez lurking at #13.  This is shaping up to be another great season of Crazy Legs… Of course, we all know who I like as my sleeper for the Championship this year, but I will spare him the jinx.. 

And of course our Beno.. 

It is with great sorrow that I announce this week’s Beno award.. The Wife took every contest into careful consideration.. And her careful selections yielded 11 correct out of 25.. This will be the Wife’s first, and hopefully last, Weekly Beno Award.. Congrats The Wife on a fantastic week..

Ok folks, games are up… In by NOON on Saturday.. Good Luck!!


Crazy Legs - Week Two Recap

Week two certainly had more intrigue than the first week of the season.  We needed both games and the tiebreaker Monday night to crown our weekly champion.. JPLevonick captured his annual weekly win early this year. He edged out Grayson by 6 points on the tiebreaker to earn his money back, well most of it.. That’s the thing about JP, he is Mr. Even Steven. He won’t get Beno, he won’t win the championship, but he will not lose money.. Although, he was pretty close to the championship in Crazy Legs IV until……

Now onto what everyone is waiting for.. Yep, the prize pool for this season. Crazy Legs membership is down a little this year.. Which is always a disappointment, but nonetheless, here are the prizes..

  • Champion – $500
  • Second Place – $175
  • Third Place – $100


  • First Half – $100
  • Second Half – $100


  • Weekly – $50


Bowl Games are kind of fluid and will be determined by additional entries, but as of now,

  • First – $145
  • Second – $45


Oh, and of course the Beno of the Year gets a free entry into Crazy Legs XVI… But the catch is that you can not have a zero during any week.

Don’t worry I didn’t forget you Mrs. Godwin.. I just needed s segue into the subject… Our week 2 Beno CSGODWIN herself. CS correctly picked 14 out of 25 games to earn her first Beno of the 2019 season.. It’s a known fact that Mrs. always bests Mister in the Godwin house.. However, the slow start by CS may just be enough for Mister to finally prevail and this could finally be the year that Mister beats Mrs. in the end of the year standings..

Congratulations on your Beno Award and good luck the rest of the way..

Ok folks, games are up.. In by NOON on Saturday.. Good Luck

Crazy Legs - Week One Recap

Straight out of the gate in Crazy Legs XIV and Wolfie16 is of to a fast start. Mrs. Neylon smoked the competition and had everything wrapped up before Sunday morning. Not only did she win the week, but the made a statement in the Neylon household…

Note to the unpaids…

Your picks have been frozen. You will not be eligible in week two until payment has been received. If your check has been mailed, let me know.. Because of the hurricane, I can forgive the “Its in the mail” excuse..

The Beno

Seriously, I mean seriously.. He couldn’t wait until week 4 or 5 to capture his first Beno award? 

This is beginning to get out of control Showboatin… Are you even trying? Serious consideration may be giving after this year to rename the award to the “Showboat of the Week”.. 

Yes folks, it happened again. For the thirtieth time in five years, Mr. Showboat has earned the coveted Beno of the Week award. The Boat picked 15 correct games in the easiest week of the year.. Congratulations Mr. Boat on you achievement.. We all know how the rest of the season goes.. You will win Benosix times, win two weeks for $100 and finish just out of Beno of the year contention.. I hope this is all worth the $40 income every year..

Ok ladies and gentlemen, games are up.. Get your picks in by 11AM on Saturday.. Yes I am sorry, but 11AM is on the sheet.. Good Luck!!

Crazy Legs - Preseason Announcement

I wanted to try a different approach to this year’s weekly updates. I wanted to be able to embed content, gifs, videos, etc.. that were too cumbersome to send in an email. And I certainly wasn’t going to purchase a new domain and hosting for the updates, so I just created a separate page on my website for the updates.. So I guess, disregard the header info.. Well, unless you are interested in a website or hosting….

I can’t believe Crazy Legs is entering its fifteenth season. It started with just a few people in Pennsylvania in 2005. Now we have nearly fifty people  that span over six states..

Here is the list of Past Champions:

There you have it.. Each one of these people have pushed through the grind that is Crazy Legs and emerged victorious.. Some a couple times…

As we move into Crazy Legs XV, I wanted to make some notes for any rookies or people with poor memories..

  • Payment is $60. It is dues prior to week 2. If payment hasn’t been received, your picks will be frozen.
  • Payment can be made by check, cash or the preferred method — PayPal.. The email associated with Paypal is
  • I will release the payout structure in the week 2 recap. Weekly prizes are $50.
  • Read the rules from the pool website. They can be found here.


If you have additional questions about the pool, don’t hesitate to email me. 

That is really all I have for the kickoff. Do not forget this is week one. The picks need to be in by NOON THIS SATURDAY!!!!

Good luck to everyone this year!!