Search Engine Optimization – 2

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Search Engine Optimization - 2

In the last post we discussed page load speed in regards to Search Engine Optimization. Now I want to explore the website structure aspect of SEO. While page load speed will get you there faster, technical structure will make navigation easier. When I say easier to navigate, I mean easier for Google bots and the like to navigate.


Permalink, or Permanent Link, is a link to a specific web page or post. There are two types of permalink in WordPress, ugly and pretty. 

The ugly look like this –

The pretty look like this –

You have six options in WordPress. I always choose the “post name” option. 


Initially make sure to “Disable search engines from indexing” until you launch your site. Once you launch, you can uncheck this options.

The reason for the is you want to keep search engines from indexing until you have completed your structure. Take this example,

You have a services page. Under you service page, you have three categories as children. But after you’ve completed your site, you realize that you want one of the children to become a main category. You don’t want google to index it as a child prior to you completing your hierarchy structure. Hence, check the do not index box until you reach substantial completion.

SSL Certificate

Make sure you website is https compliant by activating your SSL certificate. Its a must for an eCommerce site and a good idea for another site.

Search Console

Setup Google Search Console.

Google Search Console has many features that are absolutely necessary to website management. From the console you can manage information about Google penalties, coverage issues and other important SEO factors. Check it out here.

Backup your site

At hour23design we use JetPack as our backup solution. Jetpack provides awesome features including backups, image optimization, and anti-spam.

Links & Redirects

Nothing will trigger a Google alert like a broken link or a 404 served. Make sure you triple-check all of you links prior to indexing. Yoast SEO premium offers these services if you choose to follow that route. It certainly makes life easier if you have heavy content.

Google submissions

If you were to travel to a location 600 miles away, what is the first item you would reference prior to the trip?

A map..

Well, Search engine bots are no different. You want search engines to crawl every important page of your site, but sometimes pages end up without any internal links pointing to them, making them hard to find. XML sitemap’s list a website’s important pages, making sure Google can find and crawl them all, and helping it understand your website structure

Robots? What is this?

Robots.txt is a text file created to instruct search engine robots how to crawl pages on their website.

Both of these can be created with the Yoast SEO plugin and their importance cannot be understated.

Coming Next!

We’ve hit a couple major subject on the SEO checklist. In the next blog post we will dive into the content/onsite SEO factors that you need to consider.