SEO and On-site Navigation

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How does navigation affect SEO?

Navigating in a car in 1980 is certainly different than 2019. 

In the eighties, or nineties, you needed a paper map. Back then, you needed advice from people on the street. “Hey, which road do I take to I-95?”. 

Today most people wouldn’t think to ask a “stranger” how to get to point B. –side thought Perhaps that’s the problem with society– But seriously, now we ask for an address, plug it in to our GPS and off we go.. We don’t argue with our smartphone, we just listen and obey.

So what does that heave to do what to do with SEO....

Well , first off you want to make it easy to find all of your internal pages. The rule of thumb is a three click maximum to access any page on your website.

Breadcrumbs are a great way to help people navigate your site.

Breadcrumbs, what the heck are those?

A “breadcrumb” is a type of secondary navigation scheme that reveals the user’s location in a website. The term is derived from a multitude of mystery movies. Th recaptured leave breadcrumbs asa trail for their eventual rescuers.

The importance of 3-click navigation and/or breadcrumbs is not to lose the user. Think about a shopping site like amazon. Imagine if your searching to select the best guitar.. Yo’ve compared a couple, but you decide to add one to your site………

But, the site doesn’t allow you to nav back, or “continue shopping”. So how are you going to retrieve you list of selections.. That’s where breadcrumbs assist the user in website navigation. Furthermore, these links also assist the google bots in navigating you site. They help you rank higher simply because of your accessibility.

SEO Links need to describe

Your links need to describe, or at the very least reference what site your are linking. Think about this sentence with a link built in: I bought the perfect ukulele at the guitar shop downtown. So, are you linking to the town? Or the company you bought the ukulele from? It’s confusing, right? Make sure what you are linking to is clear. In the sentence above most readers are thinking what brand your are purchasing. They could care less what town you bought it in. They don’t care about the pretty downtown, or the waterfalls, or even the statue of the town mayor. They want to know which brand is the best. That is why the above sentence is best written as: I bought the perfect ukulele at the guitar shop downtown.

Use the right words for SEO

The internet is full of news sites and blogs. But what is the difference. 

Ultimately, nothing.

But as you begin your journey into the internet abysss, you need to categorize your content correctly. A blog is a blog and news, is news.

Best practice is to display your personal journal or small business website announcements as a blog. If your content is real, developing news, then of course post your content as news. But for Google bots, a simple  recipe site is best categorized as a blog.

Hey, we made it!

I know some of these categories are short blurbs, but they carry a strong message. If you want to dive deeper into SEO, and/or Search Engine Optimization, contact us today. Don’t let the “techies” make it difficult. Reach out to someone that understands your goals. Reach pout to someone you can connect with. Contact hour23design today!