Search Engine Optimization – Content is King

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Search Engine Optimization - Content will always be King

Google constantly updates its algorithm. The end goal is the take a user’s search query and provide them exactly what they want. If you are providing fresh content that people want, your search engine optimization will take care of itself. All of the ancillary items I mention will help increase you visibility to the bots. But providing subject matter that people are searching will always trump any other search engine optimization gimmick, or rule.

Install SEO Plugin

I prefer Yoast SEO as our go to plugin all things Search Engine Optimization. I am not completely sold on the readability aspect of the software, but it is helpful. 

Take the readability “judge” portion of Yoast as a recommendation, not a rule. If you follow it to a tee, you will end up sounding robotic . And, while maybe good for bots, the human reader will not relate. Resulting in site bouncing and reduced SEO. So, install an SEO plugin, but use it as a recommendation, not the law.

Create Editorial Calendar for SEO updates

Setup a calendar/reminder to publish/post/freshen up your content. Make sure you are addressing your audience at least once per week. Keep the content new and relevant to your SEO audience.

Keyword Research and SEO

Use the free tools available to conduct keyword research. Find out what people are searching for and find an angle you can play. You should target long-tailed, low-competition keywords when starting out your SEO strategy. 

Google Keyword Planner and are excellent tools to find out what your audience is searching.

I plan to post an entire section on keyword research do’s and dont’s in the future, so stay tuned.

Page Counts

This is where Yoast SEO comes in handy. Yoast has a feature that will track how many words each page/post has.. 

The target for landing pages needs to be 300+ words. The target for blog posts needs to be 1200+ words..

Links build links that build SEO

Links build links.

Backlinks, or links back to you page, are a premium when it comes to search engine optimization.

Include, at least 2 internal and external links per 500 words for premium Search Engine Optimization.

Here are two examples of internal links.

Contact Us
Home Page

Make sure all external links include the “target=_blank” property and value. Open all external content in a new window. This simply keeps people on your site while allowing them to check out one of your external links.

Wrap Up

This section included the Yoast plugin, keyword research, links and word counts and how they can help improve your search engine optimization. 

All of these are vital to surviving the page ranking with keyword research being the king. 

I promise an in-depth dive into keyword research in the future. Stay tuned for SEO part four.