Website Design Services

At hour23design, our website design services are completely customizable. You can utilize any service we offer, a la carte, to make your company successful. If you love your current website and just need help with search engine optimization, we can help you with that. Maybe your website content is directing plenty of traffic, but your web application needs updated and redesigned. No matter the industry, no matter the budget, we employ our proven strategies to bolster your business’s presence in the digital world. Take a look at some of the services we provide and contact us today.

Our services include, Website Design eCommerce Hosting Maintenance SEO Logo Design Photography eLearning Portals

Website Design

Custom Design

All website design services are custom to each customer. NO TEMPLATES, EVER!

Responsive Websites

Our websites are designed to perform on desktops, tablets and mobile devices... at no extra cost..


Your brand, your site. Everything we design is customized to the client. NO TEMPLATES EVER!



Automated estimating and invoicing straight from your dashboard. Or integrate your current system.

Payment Gateways

All payments gateways can be integrated. PayPal, Stripe, you name it, we can develop it.

Complete Storefront

Go beyond the confines of traditional eCommerce solutions, and be limited only by your own imagination.

Website Hosting


For the best performance and faster loading times we use solid-state drives, PHP 7, and custom server caching..


Site Lock secured. Options include, lite, find, fix and emergency.. Your information is secure on our servers.

Priced Right

We have hosting plans to fit everyone's needs. Blogging website? eCommerce or a fantasy football site. We have the resources to meet your needs.

Website Maintenance

Custom Plans

Weekly, monthly, or annual. We can customize a maintenance plan for your budget.

100% Uptime

Guaranteed 100% uptime with select maintenance plans.

24/7 Monitoring

Always on your side.. Select one of our premium maintenance plans and get 24/7 monitoring.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Ranking

Rank #1 with search engines for your niche within two weeks of launch.

Keyword Research

We spend the time to research your brand then implement the keywords that your client are searching.

Google Integration

We integrate your site with Google to keep tabs on search results and errors. Never lose a step.

Company Branding


A logomark refers to an image or symbol which represents a brand.


The logotype, also known as a "word mark", is a brand name styled as a logo.


A design the includes your brand name plus a logomark.

eLearning Platforms

Course Building

Re-use your content and make it easy for you to spin-up courses! You can rename the labels to anything you wish. For example, you can rename “Lessons” to “Modules”.


Deliver all your lessons all at once, or choose to drip-feed (schedule) them over a specified amount of time.


Award official certificates based on quiz performance, completeing a course, or both!


Stock Images

Don't have pictures.. No worries. We have a large supple of web ready stock images available.


All images are optimized for the internet. Personal photos, stock photos, you name it.. we can compress it.

Personal Shoot

We are available for on site photo shoots. Need product images? Team member photos? Or just some storefront shots? We have you covered.

Free Website Design

A free one-page website when you sign up for hour23design hosting.