Search Engine Optimization

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SEO Checklist - Part 1

Search Engine Optimization is the hottest topic in the web design, web development and web marketing industries. Every developer from San Francisco to New York City is guaranteeing that they will get you ranked on Google’s first page.¬†

Top Ten in Google Search?

Everyone will claim that they can rank your site on Google’s front page. But the problem is that there are only eight organic (unpaid) spots available on Google’s first page of search. Typically the top and bottom two slots are dedicated to non-organic (paid) sponsors. So, how can every web developer/marketer guarantee that you will rank ahead of your competition? The truth is, they can’t. There are many ways to boost your search rankings, some nefarious. But nobody can guarantee your ranking and maintain that ranking.

How do I rank in Google Search?

We mentioned on our pricing page that the keys to Search Engine Optimization are “fresh content”, “backlinks” and “keyphrase research”. I will be hitting each of these topics separately in later blog posts. For now though, I want to provide you a basic checklist to help get your site ranking with search engines.

A checklist for you!

Without getting into the “deep woods” on SEO (–don’t worry, we will cover that later–), below is a simple checklist¬† strategy (part 1 of 5) for you to use when you create your website. This will not guarantee a front page ranking or push you ahead of your competitors. This guide will only give you a strong foundation to build from. Our basic checklist, plus strong keyword research, fresh content and backlinking will get you ahead of your competition. So read on and let us know what you think below.

Speed Helps!!

Page speed is an important factor in SEO. If your pages load slowly, your rank will suffer. Utilizing the following tips will help keep your page load speeds down.

  • Secure a top hosting provider.
    • Avoid shared server plans.
    • Opt for VPS or Cloud based platforms.
    • Don’t search for cheapest only.
  • PHP version
    • Make sure your PHP version is up to date.
    • You can access this through your cPanel.
  • Keep software updated
    • WordPress version
    • Theme version
    • Plugins
  • Install Page Caching plugin
    • We use WP Fastest Cache
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    • Cloudflare has a FREE option
  • Ensure minification is optimized
    • Javascript and CSS
  • Utilize Page Speed Insights
    • Test frequently to stay ahead of major issues.
    • Especially after installing and/or updating software.

Simple right? 

Following these basic guidelines is a simple step to SEO success. I will post again soon with part 2 of the Search Engine Optimization checklist.